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Test Schedule in case of Pregnancy :

• On the day of HCG – X-Ray chest, ECG, PCR for HIV.

• Beta HCG values: 12 days after embryo transfer; repeated on day 15 post embryo transfer.

• Trans-Vaginal USG: Day 21 to detect a Gestational Sac; Day 31-scan to detect Heart Beat.

• From there on a pregnancy Trans-Vaginal USG every 10 to 15 days.

• In the event of pregnancy at 6 weeks of pregnancy after heartbeat is confirmed, repeat all above except blood group.

• Every 15 days – Hb, CUE, RBS

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• 12 weeks of pregnancy – PAPA, B-HCG, Nuchal Translucency, PCR for HIV.

• To rule out Down’s Syndrome: Week 12- Double Test

• 18 weeks – Triple test, TIFFA Scan, PCR for HIV.

• 24 weeks, 30 weeks – Routine tests (the list above), PCR for HIV.

• To detect any gross anomalies: Between Week 18 to 22: 4-D scan TIFFA -Targeted Image Fetal Anomaly scan)

• 1 day before Delivery – PCR for HIV and Routine tests.